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Welcome to Phoenix Academy

Phoenix Academy Students and Parents:

I would like to start this letter by saying welcome to each of you. On behalf of our school’s family, I am taking this opportunity to thank you for the trust you are providing to each of us in ensuring the academic success of your child.  

As always, we are continually making additional changes to our program in order to better serve your child. We continued to build on our past years' experiences in order to enhance our students' performance in the areas of their core academic capacity.  

Now I would like to make one plea to each of you. In order for us to maximize the effectiveness of the time we have with your child, we need to have each student at the school every day.  Please make every effort possible to ensure your child attends school and attends regularly. This is an area that has cost too many of the children we serve in their potential growth.  It is also an area where you, as the parent, have the most influence. Please partner with us as we strive to make this a worthwhile learning environment.

Finally, we would like for each of our students to know we care deeply about each of them. Every decision and action we take will be done with your welfare at the foremost thought in our minds. We look forward to serving you and being your support as you strive toward your dreams. Welcome to Phoenix Academy and I truly hope that we have the best school year ever.